Welcome to the Oklahoma Animal Control Association

The Oklahoma Animal Control Association was founded for the betterment of the animal control community through the education of professionals and the public in animal control and animal welfare. Services we offer include:

  • Training for animal control personnel as professionals
  • Education of the public in the responsibilities of animal ownership
  • Promotion of understanding and cooperation between animal control personnel and the public
  • Exchange of information regarding animal control programs
  • Expertise and guidance on animal control problems
  • Development of standards and certification procedures for animal control personnel
  • Identification and recommendations on problems
  • Provide liaison with other professional organizations and groups having related interests
  • Function as a nonpecuniary or nonprofit organization, the proceeds of which do not accure to the benefit of any member

We have two Training Seminars a year, one in the Fall and one in the Spring, and a two week  Basic Animal Control Training Academy in August yearly.

We also offer information on Disaster needs on our Give Us Your Thoughts Web Page.

We have general memberships available consisting of Active Members, Associate Members and Supportive Members. We also offer Honorary Memberships and Lifetime Memberships. For information on joining the OACA, or further information about the organization, please contact us